Welcome Breast Cancer Researchers!

Welcome to the SUM Breast Cancer Cell Line Knowledge Base, aka SLKBase

This resource is designed to help breast cancer researchers enhance the power of their research involving the SUM human breast cancer cell lines by giving them access to the variety of omics data sets that have been generated with these cell lines over the years, and to make sure that we are all up to date with the latest published data generated using one of more of the cell lines.

This space is designed to be interactive, and my hope is to use this as a way to develop a virtual community of breast cancer researchers that will dramatically enhance the progress that we make in this important field of work.

To help in the development of the community of scientists working with the SUM lines, please register when prompted. 

Access to the SLKBase requires a user name and password.  Everyone should have public access to this home page, and to the SLKBase page, but anything beyond that will require a registration first, and then a log in for future visits to the Knowledge Base.

Upon registration, you will receive an email from SLKBase@sumlineknowledgebase.com with your user name and a generated password. 

After  you log in for the first time using the system-generated password, click here to change your password.  You do need to be logged in to use this link.

If you encounter ANY problems with this, please write me at the email address below.

Thank you!

Thanks for being part of the SUM Breast Cancer Cell Line Knowledge Base!

If you encounter a broken link please email me at ethier@musc.edu.

So, let’s get started.

Steve Ethier